A mild amber ale brewed with Hallertau hops, and pilsner malt. Masterfully created to provide a smooth and light flavor. Ponderosa has become Threshers most popular craft beer.
Citra IPA
 Threshers easy drinking west coast style IPA. Citra is created using a dry hops process with the highest quality citrus hops. The result is a clean, crisp and balanced brew with a hint of a fruity flavor.

Cream Ale 


A true American Classic, Cream Ale has a sweet, crisp profile. This light bodied Ale will send your taste buds on a journey, with a smooth start and a subtle vanilla flavor at the end.

Firefly Wheat


The Firefly Wheat is our take on a saison style wheat ale, perfect for a hot summer day.

Brown Ale


A barley based brown ale with a well rounded 

nutty flavor balanced with a malty profile. The

hop flavor produces a slightly bitter taste.

Sea Smoke Porter


This perfect fall drink returns with its layers of flavor derived from the caramel, coffee, chocolate, and black malts that have been craftily blended to perfection.



Our New England style IPA with revolving hops for each new batch. This absolutely delicious brew is currently loaded with Citra and Galaxy hops. Juicy, hazy, and slightly sweet and well balanced.