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This repurposed industrial style brewery, retrofitted inside an old lumber yard in Searsmont Maine, has created an off the beaten path destination and delivers some of the best beer in New England. What sets Threshers Brewing Co. apart from other breweries, is not only the friendly locals you'll meet from all walks of life, which capture the true spirit of mid-coast Maine community, but also the equipment acquired and engineered by the owners themselves, re-purposing and reusing various materials from dairy farms, potters, and other unique sources around the state. Ingenuity, creativity and community are the cornerstones of the type of environment that inspired the Threshers dream.


Approaching their second year in business, Threshers Brewing Co. expanded their quaint small town brewery to include serving 16oz. cans. Into the third year distribution is going strong, stocked on store shelves, and the taps of restaurants and bars all over the state of Maine. You can also find your favorite Threshers beer in 16 Hannaford locations across the state.

Threshers Brewing Co. is more than just another brewery, it’s a family. We hope you stop in to one of our locations and try the beer and stay for the fun! Threshers will definitely be your favorite beer with your favorite people!

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